After an 18-year career in the screen printing and pad printing industry, I decided it was time to change a few things in our lives. Within 3 months, we sold our house, my business and relocated from Johannesburg to Durban.

Big mistake! The grass wasn’t greener, the sale of my business went astray and what we planned for, now couldn’t happen. I became involved in construction, which really wasn’t my cup of tea.

This is when my mind began turning ideas into possibilities, and the idea of advertising on escalator risers popped up. My son Sean and I, with great encouragement from my partner Merle, started trying various ways of achieving our goal.

After many hours of R&D, we have managed to get the perfect panel which has been approved and accepted as the best type of materials that could be used for this medium.



Ivan Handel has been in business for fifty-odd years, owning and managing companies across various industries – from property development, the film industry, to pool chemicals and outdoor advertising. When Ivan was offered the opportunity to become involved in Motion Icon, he found the concept and product so exciting that he embraced it immediately.

For Ivan, Motion Icon’s escalator step branding system is the most innovative marketing tool that he has ever come across – the opportunity to turn an escalator, normally a dirty piece of machinery which is regarded as a liability, into an exciting income producing asset!

Ivan heads up Motion Icon Australasia and USA, and is a stakeholder in Motion Icon Global. His key focus is on the successful growth of Motion Icon and taking advertising to the next level.



After 20 years in the retail and brand industries, Philip Gouws partnered with Graeme Hornby to form what is now called Micore Holdings. As deal-makers and philanthropists, they carefully identify and acquire equity in business opportunities that were not only scalable on a global level, but those that could be engineered to give back to society.

When Motion Icon was presented to Philip, he immediately knew that he had found the real deal and that all the boxes had been ticked.

Micore Holdings have since injected their business skills and global network to help develop and roll out Motion Icon to over 5 countries.

Philip is the CEO of Motion Icon International and very proud to be part of this incredible business.



Kristelle Scaglione is a motivated, passionate and determined individual focussed on specialising in customised solutions for her clients.

Kristelle comes from 6 years in the outdoor advertising and signage industries with an additional 5 years in Account Management.

With experience in such fields, Kristelle has proven to be a valuable asset to the industry in all areas of outdoor advertising, marketing, local and national client management, negotiation and strategy building.

Kristelle’s warm personality and professional approach creates strong, long term relationships. Kristelle takes pride in her ability and is dedicated to over deliver to her clients.

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